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The RS750 is likely the finest loudspeaker you’ve heard at anywhere near its price. Featuring the audiophile-celebrated Vifa Ring Radiator tweeter, the RS750 offers the same “to-die-for” highs as the RS550, RS250, and RSC200. But what separates the sleek-sculpted RS750 tower from the other Rockets--and indeed from any other speaker you've ever heard--is its ingenious array of four identical 5.25" ultra-fast woofer drivers. These white metal-alloy drivers give the RS750 one of the most attractive front baffles you've ever seen, but--much more importantly--they work in concert to bring you outstanding midrange reproduction as well as rock solid low bass. Employing an ingenious Dick Pierce-designed patent-pending crossover design, only the topmost of the four long-throw drivers produces sound at the highest midrange frequencies, but as the frequency decreases the remaining drivers successively engage over a three octave range until all four drivers are moving air in concert to produce unbelievably tight low-frequency sound reproduction. As a result, the RS750 provides a smooth transition and constant dispersion throughout the entire frequency range. You’ll hear remarkable imaging, breath-taking soundstage, and the same tonal balance almost anywhere in your listening room. If you're ready to upgrade to a truly audiophile-quality loudspeaker with an unparalleled pedigree, you owe it to yourself to audition the RS750.