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For a truly enveloping home theater experience, look no further than our RSS300 side-surround loudspeaker. The two-way, four-driver RSS300 features an adaptive-dipole arrangement of two custom 1" aluminum-silk hybrid tweeters and two custom 5.25" aluminum-alloy woofers. The term "adaptive-dipole" means that the rear-facing tweeter is wired out-of-phase with the other three drivers on the speaker. As a result, the high-frequency sounds emanating from the RSS300 are difficult to localize--creating a truly engulfing movie theater feel--without any of the "bass-stealing" low frequency cancellation problems that can occur in full-dipole designs. We think you'll find the adaptive-dipole configuration to be an unbeatable choice for your home theater. RSS300 loudspeakers are sold as mirrored pairs and have been carefully voiced to timbre-match the other speakers in the Rocket line. With a shallow cabinet, rounded end-caps, inset binding posts, and a built-in hanging bracket, the RSS300 is the ideal surround speaker for side-wall mounting.