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When designing the RS250, our goal was to create a bookshelf loudspeaker that would offer virtually all of the full-range aural benefits of our two floorstanding Rocket offerings--crystal clear non-fatiguing highs and swift, punchy lows--but at a reduced size and price. Featuring the Vifa Ring Radiator, the RS250 is unmistakably stellar at high frequencies, just as you'd expect from a speaker with such an extraordinary tweeter. But what might surprise you is the way the RS250--with its hefty custom 6.5" aluminum alloy long-throw cone woofer and an enclosure size of nearly 1000 cubic inches--handles all but the very lowest octaves with an authoritative slam that will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

The RS250s have been carefully voiced to timbre match all of the other speakers in the Rocket line, but work especially well in home theater applications as rear-surround speakers in conjunction with the RS750 or  RS550 floorstanding speakers and our RSC200 center channel. Two-channel music aficionados will love the way the superlative RS250s disappear into the soundstage, while home theater buffs who prefer the aesthetics of bookshelf speakers will find exceptional performance from the RS250s when used as front channel speakers in conjunction with a similarly-superior subwoofer such as the HSU VTF-3.