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If you're looking for uncompromising excellence in a theater center channel, we invite you to experience the colossal RSC200. Featuring a three-way, four-driver design consisting of the silky-smooth Vifa Ring Radiator tweeter, a self-enclosed custom 4" aluminum-alloy midrange driver and two depth-plumbing custom 6.5" long-throw cone woofers, the RSC200 is a peerless center channel speaker created for audiophiles who cannot settle for anything but the very best. Spend a few minutes watching your favorite movie with the RSC200 and you'll be so blown away by the new-found vocal richness and soundstage immensity that you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. Be forewarned, though, that although the RSC200 is magnetically shielded, you might not be able to place it directly on top of your television due to its sheer size and weight. Indeed, the RSC200 is a serious center channel speaker that measures a full foot high and over two feet wide and weighs nearly as much as the RS550 tower!

The RSC200 has been carefully voiced to timbre match the other speakers in the Rocket line, and works especially well in conjunction with the RS750, RS550, and RS250.