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Although it's our most modestly priced loudspeaker offering, the RS150 bookshelf speaker is an amazingly adept performer that more than holds its own against other speakers well above its price. Featuring our custom 1" aluminum-silk hybrid dome tweeter and lightning quick 5.25" aluminum alloy woofer, the RS150 is focused, musical, and surprisingly powerful. What's more, the RS150 has the exact same level of cabinet, crossover, and cosmetic quality found in the other (more expensive) models in the Rocket line.

The RS150s have been carefully voiced to timbre match all of the other speakers in the Rocket line and share the same tweeter as the RSC100 center channel, so they make an ideal pair of rear surround speakers to round out a 5-channel audio or home theater environment. For audio enthusiasts who prefer bookshelf speakers to floorstanding towers, the RS150s are stellar front channel performers when used in conjunction with a quality subwoofer such as the HSU VTF-2.