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It never ceases to amaze us how little consideration is given to the crossovers used in a loudspeaker. Contrary to popular belief, a crossover circuit does much more than simply act as a stoplight directing the flow of sound coming into the speaker. Crossover circuitry also shapes impedance-, phase-, and frequency-response--all of which drastically affect the sonic characteristics of a speaker. Rocket Loudspeakers employ precision phase-optimized, multi-element-impedance crossovers designed by noted loudspeaker guru Dick Pierce, who brings an award-winning pedigree of over twenty years of industry-recognized objectivity and experience to the Rocket family. Mr. Pierce's crossover designs were carefully chosen to present easy-to-drive resistive loads so that expensive amplification is not required to make Rocket speakers sound spectacular. Mr. Pierce's use of special Zobel network circuitry to compensate for rises in impedance at higher frequencies (a common problem that plagues lesser speakers) means that Rocket Loudspeakers by ONIX exhibit silky-smooth midrange and tweeter response as well as crisp, unmuddied bass output. As you might expect, all Rocket Loudspeakers are internally wired with heavy guage ONIX-brand speaker wire.

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