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It would not make any sense to design a loudspeaker as visually stunning as the Rocket and not use equally impressive drivers. That's why we've carefully chosen drivers that make our Rocket Loudspeakers by ONIX sound even better than they look. To start, we chose the highly-celebrated "cost-is-no-object" Vifa XT Ring Radiator tweeter with its patented dual-concentric soft diaphragm and wave guide center plug. Known for its exceptional clarity and non-intrusive warmth, the Vifa XT offers precise, tangible imaging without any of the fatigue often associated with high-detail tweeters. At a more economical price point, we designed our own similarly-spectacular 1" silk-suspended aluminum-hybrid dome tweeter. Sporting a double-layer high-purity copper voice coil wound on a Nomex former, this ferrofluid-damped, satin-silver-colored tweeter offers surprising accuracy and power handling capability--traits that allow it to handle whisper-quiet dialog and earth-shaking explosions with equal aplomb. To give Rockets Loudspeakers the power and speed of a rock-solid knockout punch, we designed custom aluminum-alloy long-throw midrange and woofer cone drivers in various sizes from 4" to 6.5", individually tuned for optimal crossover integration to ensure smooth impedance response and tight, controlled bass.

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