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Although the rich exterior finish found on the Rocket Loudspeaker is nothing short of spectacular, you should never judge a book (or bookshelf speaker--or any loudspeaker for that matter) solely by its cover. We designed the cabinets for the Rocket line based on the principle that proper speaker enclosure construction is essential to achieving not just heirloom-quality visual appeal, but audiophile-quality sound as well. Our braced enclosures are constructed of asymmetric chambers of sturdy 1" thick medium-density fiberboard and are internally lined with lush sound-dampening material to minimize unwanted resonances. The side panels are curved rather than flat, which does much more than simply give Rockets loudspeakers a sleek look. The curvature actually helps prevent interior standing waves that might otherwise muddy the sound. The rear-firing flared ports are finely tuned to disperse out-of-phase backwaves and improve bass response without requiring an increase in the height of the enclosure. The floorstanding and bookshelf Rockets come with brass spikes and rubber soles to decouple the cabinet from its supporting surface and prevent external vibration. The combination of these fine details makes Rocket Loudspeakers by ONIX even more stunning to the ears than they are to the eyes.

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