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About Rocket Loudspeakers

Rocket Loudspeakers by ONIX represent a collaborative effort between Hsao-Hsiung Pu of ONIX Electronics and Mark L. Schifter, founder of Audio Alchemy, Perpetual Technologies, and AV123.com. Drawing upon over 60 years combined experience in the high-end audio industry, Mr. Pu and Mr. Schifter (along with his partners at AV123.com) have created a truly world-class line of speakers that integrates the efforts of superlative resources from around the globe, including the legendary crossover design skills of audio guru Dick Pierce and the tuning talents of Mr. Pu. Rocket Loudspeakers combine audiophile-quality custom drivers imported from Denmark and Asia with furniture-grade enclosures manufactured to exacting technical and aesthetic specifications by expert craftsmen in the People's Republic of China. The result is an uncompromisingly elite sound at decidedly affordable prices.

AV123.com is the exclusive worldwide distributor of Rocket Loudspeakers, which adds an unrivaled level of customer support to the Rocket line, along with a three-year warranty and a no-hassle 30-day unconditional satisfaction guarantee.