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Every gemologist knows that the value of a fine diamond is determined by its "4C" rating. Those four categories (Cut, Color, Carat weight, and Clarity) determine gemstone quality and, indeed, only the rarest and most exquisite of diamonds excel in all four areas. We have come to believe that fine audio equipment is similarly scarce. Indeed, one can determine the quality of a loudspeaker by applying an analogous "4C" critique of its Components, Crossovers, Cabinets, Cosmetics. With that in mind, we designed Rocket Loudspeakers by Onix to exhibit rarified levels of excellence in sound quality, craftmanship, and visual appeal--at down-to-earth prices. Combining custom-built drivers, phase-optimized crossovers designed by the legendary Dick Pierce, sturdy rear-ported enclosures, and breathtaking natural rosewood veneers, Rocket Loudspeakers represent the very essence of audio quality. We invite you to peruse this site to find out why.

While you discover the beauty and power of Rocket Loudspeakers, make sure your gear’s stability and durability comply with the highest standards as well. Studio monitor stands will enable solid isolation from most surfaces and help you maintain the pure sound you are after. For our models, we recommend using these monitor stands. All of them are a great fit, yet you’ll get utmost durability and aesthetics with models 1, 3, 7, and 10.

It is said that the element that combines the "4Cs" of a diamond and ignites its brilliance and inner fire is light. We believe you'll agree that the element that ignites the brilliance and inner fire of Rocket Loudspeakers is sound. You owe it to yourself to experience such an awe-inspiring rarity.